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 [!]Important[!] The Great Battle

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PostSubject: [!]Important[!] The Great Battle   Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:39 pm

If you're reading this you're most likely a part of our faction, and if your just curious you're welcome too. As you may know, we have been enemies with Frumdabloc for some time now, and left their lands with a sizable amount of loot. Recently I was invited as a diplomat, and we began discussion on a real, proper battle. At a location that both our factions can agree on each team will be allowed 4 chunks to build a fort. Inside the fort we must build a monument. The winner of the battle will be the first team to completely dismantle the enemies monument. We can build the fort however we like, and will most likely have a time limit on the build, the only restriction is that we cannot use obsidian. The battle is mandatory for every available member. The stakes of the battle are 150 silver to the winning team. A date has not yet been decided, but we know for sure that we have at least a week to recruit and prepare. I will personally be outfitting the army with armor, so focus your time on getting a good weapon(s). If you are a premium member, I will not be providing armor. After the battle discussions of becoming allies with Frumdabloc will begin. I hope that this will prove fun for all of our members, and a great way to make an easy 150 silver. Feel free to post questions here or on our dedicated forum, if I am available I can speak to you in game as well. -Savagesun
P.S. to any moderators who may read this, would you mind contacting me? I want to know if we could make the event portal lead to a skybox to watch the battle.

(This was written by SavageSun, I just copied and pasted it)
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[!]Important[!] The Great Battle
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